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This system consists of a huge number of features and almost nothing's left out !

Our All Features

Our Core Features ( 80 )

An attractive and informative dashboard for all users

Add students with various fields with details

Add parents with associated details

Add and assign teacher with their designation

User: Admin can create any user anytime

Add classes with assigned class teacher

Every class may have many sections depending on category,capacity and section teacher

Every class may have various subjects that can be optional or mandatory

Add and show syllabus to each classes

Add assignments for student based on classes

Easily set a well functioned routine for each class

Easy student attendace taking system

Easily take attendance of teachers

Easily take attendance of all of your users

Easy class and section based exam procedure

Schedule your exams properly and easily

Add grades with numbers and other details

Easy exam attendance taking system

Add students marks with ease

Add and distribute marks with a huge number of variation as your need

Easily select the promoted class for each current classes

Anyone with proper permission can send messages to othersssage

Anyone can add any media file with given permission

Easily configure your Mail / SMS

Group up the questions with a specific name.

Set any question level as per your need

Add questions to the question bank based on ther groups and difficulty level

Taking exams online was never been so easy !

Add instructions with every exams for the students

Add your very own salary templates

Add your very own hourly template

Efficient salary management system lets you do your job properly

Users can easily make payments with pre-configured payment gateways

Add additional worktime for staffs with hourly rate

Keep records of all of your vendors list

Keep records of where your assets are assigned

Organize all your assets by listing them under categories

Managing assets of an institution was never been so easy with this asset management module

Asssign your assets with appropirate details

The simple yet efficient asset management keeps records of all purchases

Organize all your products under specific category

The simple yet efficient Inventory management keeps records of all Products

Keep records of all of your products in the warehouse easily

Keeps records all of your products supplier

Easily keep records of your expenses

Keep records of the sales of your products with simple yet efficient inventory system

Add as many fee types as you want

Easily generate invoices for any kind of student fees

Keep records all of your staff 's payment history easily

Easily keep records of your expenses

Keep records all of your incomes easily

Global payment option is availabe.

Add notice and that will be displayed to all users dashboard

Add any events and it will be showed on everyones's dashboard

Authority can add holiday with day count and show it on all user's dashboard with notification

Easily keep records of all of your transactions

Track all the visitor with the built in visitor pass management system.

School Year : Add ,change or set default academic year session

Send messages to a specific student group easily

Anyone with the given permission can file a complain

Add your very own custom certificate templates

Add more system admin if you need

Every user can reset their own password

Add social links for every user

Use your own custom mail and sms templates

Easily import any user list in a bulk amount

Add any user with a specific role

Andin can easily control who can do what !

Manage you settings from the settings module easily

Configure your favourite payment gateway from the popular choices

Configure your sms settings with proper details to send sms

Configure your email settings with proper details to send sms

Set marks based on classes and exams

Select appropriate candidates for funding

Keep records of all the sponsors with proper details

Add students under any sponsorship plans funded by some company or people.

This helps to add remark to results

Select appropriate comments for students' behavior

This is to rate student behavior by category


Our Pro Features ( 16 )

Add multiple leave category

Assign leave count for every user specificallly

User can easily apply for leaves

Admin can approve and see all the leave applications

Add Multiple categories under activity panel

Add multiple activities with details

An in built efficient child care management system

An in built efficient library membership system

Add a book list under library module

Librarian can issue books for students

Add a list of ebook for students to read

An in built transport management system

Student can take transport membership

An in built efficient hostel management system

Add different category for different types of hostel

Students can be added as hostel member

Our Pro Plus Features ( 33 )

Class Report: Easily generate report based on classes

Generate report of students individually on as a group

Auto generate ID card for all users

Auto generate admit card for students

Print or preview routine of a class

Print and preview exam schedules

Print or preview attendance report based on present or not

Print or preview attendance overview report based on user role

Generate,print or preview the list of library book

Auto generate and print Library Card for library member

Auto generate and print/print preview Issed book list

Auto generate terminal report based on examss and students

Auto generate merit stage report based on students

Print and preview the student tabulation sheet

Auto generate and print/preview students mark sheet report

Auto generate and print/preview students progress card report report

Auto generate session based student list

Online Exam Report

Print/Preview online exam report easily

Print certificate report for each studentsPrint certificate report for each students

Admin can print or preview all the leave application list

Permitted users can print/preview product purchase report easily

Permitted users can print/preview product sale report easily

Print or preview every payment fees report

Auto generate fees report easily

Print /Preview the due fees report

User can print/preview the balance fees report

Easily print/preview the copy of a students fine report

Auto generate overtime report of staffs

Print or preview salary reports for staffs

Easily print /preview account ledger report

Auto generate all the sponsorship report

Print or preview exam question list of online exam

Our Addon Features ( 4 )

Easy Live class operating opportunity

This helps to manage live class using zoom service

Upload and show your video courses inline

This helps to manage live class using google meet service

*Good to know! You are not limited to the features already built here.We can build you on demand addons or other services.